Events & Activities


Objectives & Programs


Objectives & Programs


The Union's Objectives: 

o   Implementation of the convention on the child (CRC) adopted by the UN General Assembly on 11-02-1989 and Ratified by the Lebanese state.

o   Follow-up of the implementation of the Lebanese laws concerning childhood.

o   Implementation of the convention on the rights of the Arab child.

o   Implementation of the conventions and International resolutions adopted by The Lebanese government.

o   Researches and studies on the status of Children in Lebanon.

o   Promoting principles, resolutions and Recommendation issued by the International organization, and adopted By the L.U.C.W and the Lebanese Government.

o   Assisting the L.U.C.W's associations to reach their goals.

o   Activating the government development Projects relating to childhood.

Programs of the organization:

 The Lebanese Union for Child Welfare continues its interests in Childhood towards the implementation of the convention on the rights of the child through

o   Training sessions.

o   Workshops.

o   Symposiums and conferences.


o   Periodicals.


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