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Principles and objectives



Principles and objectives of the

Lebanese Union for Child Welfare,

As Stipulated in the Statute



o   Children should receive protection and care, irrespective of their gender, nationality or religion

o   Children should receive all necessary means, to develop their physical, mental, moral and spiritual capacity.

o   Children should grow up within a family, which is the main pillar of the society, and in the best living conditions, that ensure them protection and provide them what they need for a healthy growth and proper development, in normal conditions.  Hungry children should be fed, ill children should be cared for, children with physical or mental disabilities should be hospitalized, homeless and orphans should have refuge, and their needs fulfilled.

o   Children should be first to receive aid in difficult times.

o   Children should get training that enables them during their adolescence, to make a living, and should have all their rights protected if employed.

o   Children should be prepared to be aware of their capabilities, in order to be helpful within their society, and to their brothers in humanity



o   Disseminate all principles included in the “Declaration of the Rights of the child all over Lebanon.          

o   Help in the Implementation of the convention on the child rights (CRC) adopted by the UN    General Assembly on 11-02-1989 and Ratified by the Lebanese Government.

o   Follow-up of the implementation of the Lebanese laws concerning childhood.

o   Work on Implementation of the convention on the rights of the Arab child.

o   Work on the Implementation of the conventions and International resolutions adopted by The Lebanese government, related to childhood.

o   Encourages researches and studies on the status of Children in Lebanon.

o   Work on promoting principles, resolutions and recommendation issued by the International organizations, and adopted by the Lebanese Government and LUCW

o   Assist the L.U.C.W members associations to reach their goals.

o   Follow up and support the government development Projects related to childhood

o   Help Needy children.

o   Improve childcare conditions to ensure appropriate physical, mental and spiritual   development of Child

o   Promoting principles, resolutions and recommendation issued by the International organization, and adopted by the L.U.C.W and the Lebanese Government.

o   Activating the government development projects relating to childhood.




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